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Support and Maintenance


Plant assistance and maintenance service

Maintain the efficiency of your plants with Officine Cadamuro

Officine Cadamuro offers a comprehensive service of assistance and maintenance to ensure the longevity and optimal efficiency of your plants. Our experience and expertise in the industry allow us to prevent any disruptions in production through accurate annual maintenance scheduling.

Take advantage of your vacation or holiday period for maintenance

Make use of your vacation or holiday period to carry out the necessary maintenance.
Book your appointment by phone at +39 0422 600147 or contact us via email at

Periodic checks and maintenance for plants

Here are some of the periodic verification and maintenance services we offer:

  • Replacement of filtering sleeves
  • Inspection of electrovalves
  • Lubrication of bearings
  • Inspection of belts
  • Inspection of fan impeller
  • General checks and verifications

Contact us today to ensure the proper functioning of your plants. Your production deserves maximum efficiency!

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Support and Maintenance