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Specialization in industrial aspiration and expansion into new sectors

The story of Cadamuro: from entrepreneurial beginnings to air filtration specialization

Mario Cadamuro's entrepreneurial ingenuity and market conquest

In January 1963, Mario Cadamuro embarked on his entrepreneurial journey after a brief experience at a renowned metalworking company in the province of Treviso. His remarkable inventiveness found fertile ground in a time when there was still much to be built. Initially, he conquered the agri-food market and later specialized in air filtration.
In the autumn of the same year, Mario tied the knot with Gabriella, who had been involved in the newly started business since their courtship. Together, they shared not only work experiences but also a family life.
In 1963, in San Giacomo di Musestrelle, Mario Cadamuro, after working as an employee, created a business from scratch, believing in his personal potential. Initially, he focused on constructing lightweight carpentry components such as warehouse structures and silos. However, he soon realized the importance of creating healthy work environments and, in 1970, decided to specialize in the industrial aspiration sector by building and installing complete aspiration systems. He initially focused on the wood industry and later expanded into various sectors such as plastics, ceramics, glass, chemicals, and more.
The spirit that guided Mario Cadamuro was not only to find specialization but also to be responsive to market demands.
In the 1980s, the company ventured into the construction and testing of dumpers for the construction sector and collaborated with renowned international companies to provide custom-made piping and metalwork for the leather and steel industries.
In the 1990s, daughters Rosa and Mara joined the staff, thus beginning the gradual generational transition in the company, allowing the company culture to be passed on, leveraging the three forces that are: family, ownership and management.

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