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Air purification for a healthy environment and customer satisfaction

Quality, innovation and sustainability

Our mission: efficient and customized systems

The mission that has guided our entire operation since the establishment of the Cadamuro brand is to study, design, and create efficient and excellent air treatment systems while respecting human beings, their environment, and the relevant laws.
The attention we dedicate to our work every day is, in our opinion, the key to remaining competitive in the market. We combine this with listening to the needs and expectations of each customer and customizing the provided systems.
We strive every day to ensure quality, innovation, professionalism, and reliability—essential elements for building the trust-based relationships our company has always believed in. Moreover, we go beyond simply supplying the systems. We also provide adequate support and post-sales assistance for their maintenance, establishing a long-lasting relationship of trust with our customers.
The experience and expertise gained over more than 50 years allow us to maintain the same goal: air purification and filtration that go hand in hand with customer satisfaction, respecting the expectations of future generations, according to a policy of sustainability.

«With this book, I wish to pass on to those who will read it the values that my family and history have taught me; yes, I wish to pass them on to you who will read it so that you will know how to treasure them and find motivation in them».
The proceeds from the sale of this book, which costs € 20.00, will be donated to the restoration of the Church of S. Giuseppe and S. Colombano di Pero - Breda di Piave Treviso Italy.

For information and purchase contact Officine Cadamuro at +39 0422 600147 or e-mail info@cadamuro.com

A rule of life in the workplace

Respect, a guiding principle in our work