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Cadamuro for clean air and professional service

Cadamuro, specialists in air extraction systems since 1963

Experts in the field of industrial plant engineering

Cadamuro, a trusted brand with over 50 years of experience in the industrial plant engineering sector, is your reliable partner for air purification. Our daily dedication translates into meticulous design, construction, and installation of systems that comply with current regulations and uphold high quality standards.
Thanks to our long history of successful projects, we are able to offer customized solutions from the early stages, leveraging our innovative analysis system. Our highly qualified technical team is the driving force of our company, working with expertise, attention, and respect for both people and the environment that surrounds us.

Tailored solutions for smoke and dust abatement, and energy recovery

Customized air extraction and filtration systems

Officine Cadamuro Srl specialises in the design and manufacture of customised plants for air extraction, air filtration, smoke and dust abatement, and energy recovery. Our wide range of plants allows us to operate in different markets and interact with various industrial sectors, providing tailor-made solutions for each of them. From the wood sector to plastics, from mechanics to painting, from foundry to ceramics, from chemistry to glass and beyond, we are able to intervene in any field where air purification is needed.

Our mission is to guarantee quality, innovation, professionalism and reliability, because our satisfaction is knowing that we have become a reliable partner for our customers.
Over the last few years, in addition to air extraction, we have expanded our expertise in hammer mill grinding and, thanks to our collaboration with specialised engineering firms, also in recycling and waste separation.
Finally, we offer a service and maintenance service.

Officine Cadamuro S.r.l.

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