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22 January 2013

The 'Cadamuro' brand turns 50

Last Tuesday, 22 January was an important milestone for Mario Cadamuro who, together with his colleagues, his family and a few local authorities, honoured this ambitious goal: 50 years of entrepreneurial business.

After having worked at Officine Berga, Mario Cadamuro (of humble origins: his father was a sacristan in the Parish Church of S.Giacomo di Musestrelle) decided to launch his own engineering business on 22 January, 1963 in a warehouse in S.Giacomo di Musestrelle, which is a small village in the Municipality of Carbonera.
Initially he built trusses for warehouses (at the time there was the great beginning of production activities in Italy), then he moved on to the food market, offering mixing machinery and simultaneously began designing and constructing extraction systems for factories that worked with wood and the like.
 In the 70s he moved the company's headquarters to Pero in Breda di Piave, thereby expanding the production range to the light carpentry sector.

The company has always been family run, with reference not only to the invaluable collaboration of his wife (who also celebrates 50 years in business) and his daughters, but also because Mario Cadamuro has always conveyed the sense of family to his employees. He often says, 'the work place is your second family; you spend at least 8 hours a day!'.

Today, so much more than in the past, this 'entrepreneurial', self-made figure makes us reconsider the concept of risking one's own capital, company and position to invest in increasingly innovative projects so as to create progress.

When one thinks that the 'Cadamuro' brand has been around for 50 years, this means that everyday, the entrepreneur sees his home in his business and his family in his collaborators and employees: they confront each other to improve and savour the satisfaction of having managed to improve the surrounding world, even if just slightly.

The real motor behind 'Cadamuro' production is: never allow industrial market demands to stop you, propose environmental solutions. Cadamuro has coined a motto: 'snap, make, produce' ... and this is the wish to all production businesses in our country!

And with this quotation of Luigi Einaudi, we wish all those who are committed to improve our society every single day:

…….. 'they work, produce and save despite all that we can invent to bother, hinder and discourage them.
It is the natural vocation that drives them ... the sense of fairness, the pride of seeing one's business prosper, gain credit, inspire trust in a growing clientèle, expand facilities and improve workplaces are a spring progress as powerful as the profit'.

Luigi Einaudi 1874 - 1961
Economist - Politician - Italian Journalist - 2nd President of the Republic of Italy.

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