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Cadamuro history

Cadamuro historyAfter having matured working experience as an employee, Mario Cadamuro set up an entrepreneurial business from nothing in 1963, in S.Giacomo di Musestrelle, based on his belief in his personal capacity: initially constructing particular light carpentry, warehouse structures and silos. Then, knowing that healthy working environmental conditions were required, in 1970 he decided to specialise in the industrial extraction section and built and installed complete extraction systems, with particular focus on the timber sector, which was then broadened to various industries such as plastics, ceramics, glass, chemicals and so on.

The spirit that guided Mario Cadamuro was that to specialise in a sector but also that to consider the market demand, which, way back in the 80s, led to dealing with the construction and testing of dump trucks for the Construction sector, constructing custom Pipes and Carpentry for the Tanning and Ferrous Metallurgy sector in collaboration with worldwide renowned companies.

Around the mid-90s the first generation of Mario Cadamuro joined the company, thereby continuing to operate with professionalism and skill.

The motto that makes us vibrate is: snap, make, produce.

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