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Industrial extractors Cadamuro

Ever since 1963, the brand Cadamuro operates inindustrial plant engineering.
The daily effort in 50 years of business, is to design, build and install systems for air purification in accordance with regulations in force. Experience lies in a specific analysis system in proposing solutions to resolve specific customer requirements.

The company consists of technical personnel and staff who work professionally and skilfully, while respecting man and the environment that we live in.
Cadamuro manufactures custom air extraction and filtration systems, fume and dust extraction systems in general and energy recovery systems, thereby operating in various industrial sectors, such as: wood, plastic, mechanics, paint, foundry, ceramics, chemicals, glass, leather and any place where the air must be purified.

In recent years the company has invested their production and technical energies into the recycling and waste separation sector, in collaboration with specialised engineering firms thereby creating and installing waste sorting facilities and biomass treatment plants.
Besides setting up specific extraction systems, the company also provides system maintenance and support.

We all participate in setting up your systems.

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